Web Pixel grid Beta

Web Pixel grid is a quick way to show a grid on top of a website to determine the distances and sizes of content and ads. You can resize your browser window to align the content to the grids. It can also be used to make your web designing easier!

The grid is built up by big squares in sizes 100x100 pixels which each has 100 smaller squares inside of them with the size of 10x10 pixels (see the background). You can also use your mouse to draw squares on the surface which tells you the pixel X and Y coordinates for that square as well as its size in pixels. (Doesn't work in Internet Explorer)

Note that this tool only works with websites which doesn't block viewing in iframes or break out of frames. Some known sites the Web Pixel grid doesn't work with are: Google.com, Facebook.com and YouTube.com.
By Thomas Dahlquist. Drawing squares script from ui.boxer
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